Vehicle Inspection

We can take a look under the hood
Our vehicle inspection service focuses on the durability and overall performance of your car or truck. It is designed to provide you with detailed reports on the performance and the deficiencies of your car. With our detailed automobile inspection service, you will be able to make informed and sound decision. We have put in this as added bonus to build long-term relationship with our clients.

Full Service Repair

We take care for your vehicle
Besides getting regular maintenance on your car, you will have to service your car to check for any loose or broken parts that would affect your car. But our expert automotive technicians are there to assist you to repair your vehicle. Our full service auto repair is designed to make sure the vehicle owners are safe.

Scheduled Maintenance

We can fine-tune your car
Maintaining your car or trucks can be very meticulous and very time consuming. Even besides that it is a hassle for a majority of people. You will have to properly change fluids, check coolants, and refill windshield liquid to make sure the vehicle is operating properly. Our expert and professional automotive technicians are on standby to do maintenance on your vehicle to ensure that everything is working smoothly.



Brampton Auto Repair provides you the best brake review system in Brampton. Our team is expert in diagnosing any fault with your break system and will ensure to fix it as soon as possible so that you can drive safely without any worries.

Understanding that your brakes are in excellent operating conditions provides satisfaction. This review helps determine components which can be used or components which needs to be removed before they harm other components of the brake program. It will help reduce repair costs on the future.

There are several things that are included in the test.

  • Road test to evaluate program operation.
  • Entire review of the brake equipment, hydraulics, rubbing material and emergency brake (brake linings, brake shoes, rotors, or drums, brake lines and liquid).
  • A written Consumer Car Record and Assessment of your car or truck’s breaking program.

When to get this done?

When encountering the following symptoms:

  • When break starts making sounds.
  • An alteration in braking performance is seen.
  • The brake pedal pulsates.
  • ABS or brake warning light on dash is lit.
  • Inoperable emergency brake.

Why upgrade to a brake tune up?

Along with an all-inclusive review, this service includes cleaning, fixing or lubricating your entrance and back brake components to increase the life span of brake friction material.

What is comprised?

  • System review and statement.
  • Cleanup and oiling of caliper components (sliders) or brake adjustment where appropriate.
  • Comprehensive assessment according to maker specs as well as our specialist guidelines.
  • Comprehensive written appraisal for products needing added alteration, repair or replacing.

Brampton auto repair strives to give the best car services in Brampton. Call us today and get your breaks fixed and drive safely.

Oil Changes

Basically there are three kinds of oils useful for Automobile Motors.

A) Synthetic oil

B) Semi synthetic Oil

C) Standard Oil

Utilizing the right kind of oil is significant because higher-viscosity oils have higher resistance to the moving components of the motor, and thus uses more gasoline. Clear oil also plays a role in higher gas-mileage. It’s traditionally recommended that motor oil be changed every three to five-thousand kilometers.

A) Synthetic Oil:
Because synthetic oil is chemically generated, there are not any contaminants in the oil. Without any presence of wax, synthetics will flow at lower temperatures than traditional oils. The truth is, synthetic oils are at present accessible with viscosity evaluations only 0W-30. These oils flow over seven times quicker than standard 5W30 engine oils during first startup, however at standard working temps become usual Level 30 oil.

B) Semi synthetic Oil:
Semi synthetic oils are an alternate to purchasing genuine synthetic oil. These join a specific volume of synthetic base oil with standard foundation oil so that you can supply good quality oil which is often utilized to obtain a number of the safety advantages for somewhat old automobiles. Nevertheless, semi synthetic motor oils don’t usually contain each of the synthetic oil’s innovative chemicals.

C) Standard Oil:
Standard engine oils are produced from petroleum that has been moved in the bottom and after that refined in a refinery to produce bottom oil. Chemicals are then blended to the base oil to improve the viscosity, protection properties and heat failure rates of the oil. The volatile compounds in normal oil-can very quickly vaporize or oxidize in intense heat. Standard oils include modest quantities of sculpture, wax, and asphaltic substance that will boost detonation along with varnish and sludge buildup. Standard oil is preferred for old automobiles and is the most affordable.

Cars are an essential part of our lives. We need to it travel therefore it requires services as well to stay in good condition.  Tuning up is an essential part of the maintain process which helps keep you engine running smoothly. There are many different procedures involved that are part of the tuning process.

Engine Analysis: an engine analysis determines what exactly needs to be fixed in your car to make it run smoothly. It includes replacing the spark plugs and a comprehensive write report of the inspection.

Fuel Injector Service: Fuel injectors control the flow of fuel into the engine. If a fuel injector is blocked or unclean, it will not deliver the proficient amount of fuel required for the air/fuel ratio decreasing your engine’s efficiency. Carbon dirt can easily reduce engine performance by going through the injectors and intake channels. Proper thorough checking can vastly improve the performance with faster starts, enhanced acceleration and improved gasoline mileage. Services also included with are cleaning of vehicle and fuel injectors with a detailed written report.

Fuel filter replacement:  when you replace your fuel filter, it maximizes the life of fuel relates system. It involves installation of the filter and a visual inspection.

Air Filter Replacement: If the air filter is dirty, it will impact the performance of the engine and will also decrease fuel efficiency. It is essential to do regular air filter checkups to maintain consistence performance. Included in this test is the installation of specific filter and a visual inspection.

Engine diagnostic test: if the engine light is lit up while driving, that is an indication that emissions or sensor problems could arise. If the light is flashing, the condition could be more severe. You should head to Brampton Auto repair as soon possible to get your engine fixed.

Tuning up your car is an essential part of your car maintain as it helps to keep the constancy and performance optimal. At Brampton auto repair, our team of experts will diagonal your car and fixes it with efficiency. You can call us any time at 647-360-2992 to get your car repaired by the best technicians in GTA.